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GOPAL JANA                
(Managing Director)

Mr.Gopal Jana as Managing Director of Machino tech in 2005 over the years, Mr. jana has built a highly successful meritocratic organization, In his leadership by the help of Machino tech’s engineers has created new design of Railways braking system and Safety valves which is still  using by Indian Railways. Gopal Jana remain key in making the company the success it is today,


Mr. Jana is introducing modern management practices in the company and instilling a team spirit to excel in the industry and he build an organization deeply committed to Values, with the firm belief that success in business eventually but inevitably follows.


He strongly believes that ordinary people are capable of extra-ordinary things when organized into highly charged teams, and taken keen personal interest in developing leaders and teams.


Gopal Jana

Managing Director




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TAMALHH  KKUMARR  JJANA                
(Chief Executive Officer)

He is increasing our global footprint and learning from every project we make – the result is an industry-leading technology with extensive experience and great insight into challenged conventional wisdom into several areas.

Mr. Jana visualized the growth of Machino tech as an integral part of his grand vision for India. He was convinced that India could become an economic super power within a short period of time and wanted Machino tech to play an important role in realizing this goal.

He has taken the Machino Tech to an higher growth drives our ability to meet all future challenges.

Tamalhh Kkumarr Jjana

Chief Executive officer

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