Modern Workshop

  • It is specially designed for us and purpose built. We have own drawing room were our engineers present high accurate drawing as per project requirement. We also maintain specific quality room as well with all advance equipment use for check and quality of product were semi certification process also take place then the final stage of certification is get completed in our own lab which is register under NABL and All the accredited laboratory is follow ISO/IEC 17025 to maintain quality management system in testing and calibration.

Specialized Exports Technician

  • We work with certified engineers who have skill knowledge and have ability to transform creative skill in machines they are flexible to work with new project. We provide training by specialized field trainer on monthly basis and keep them update all the times.

Modern Engineering Room

  • Our Company is one of the large and different section of room which define advance modern engineering room with maintained required temperature.Providing an excellent base with good transport links for distribution of products to customers. We are committed to continuously investing in research and development.


  • Furthermore, Machino Tech product are built to comply with major international standards, including European standard EN as well as other relevant standards for each product type, Our products have been independently type-tasted and certified to the above standards. Every product is tasted by our personal before being labeled and packed.


  • We are always responsible to our product we are always providing after sales hustle free service which makes our customer happy.

Sustainable Product

  • When it comes to long durability we do not compromise with it, we have pneumatic test with air compressor which help to measure the air quantity limit in each product with sufficient accurate air test we have phosphate coating which are used on steel parts for corrosion resistance, lubricity, as a foundation for subsequent coating or painting which help prevent galling another is for the waxing related product which protect the machines from extreme weather condition like heat, cold, rainproof and it is also protect from rust for the certain product we use heat treatment this is the process were the product accumulate hardness and long durability . 

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